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Barre Pilates Classes

A Physically Rewarding Experience

A Barre is a bar that ballet dancers use for support, so that they can do high intensitive, repetitive conditioning. Barre pilates mixes the barre routines with elements of yoga and pilates for a different and physically rewarding experience. 


Barre pilates uses small, intense movements in its routines to isolate and work different muscle groups of the body, just like a dancer. There are different high intensity, low-impact exercises for your arms, legs, glutes, and core.

Some exercises use other tools, such as small weights and medicine balls, to add resistance. How much resistance you want to add to the routines is up to you.

Barre pilates incorporates stretching exercises, so those worked muscles will recover leaner and longer. This is the key to developing the flexibility of a dancer, as you skip, walk or dance through your day-to-day life.

Barre pilates classes are intensely satisfying workouts

Our barre classes are small enough to give you room to stretch out without worrying about getting interrupted and interrupting other people with your range of motion needed to complete the routines.


It takes the stress out of working out in a group and gives you the personal space to concentrate on your workout and your body's functional movement.

We have all the equipment in our studio necessary for a complete barre experience, so you can work on parts of the body you need when you need it. While the exercise is technical and requires concentration, there is also a friendly, social atmosphere as you challenge yourself not each other.

The small, intense movement of this exercise is easy on your joints and keeps the energy of movement focused on where it gives you the greatest benefit.

In our classes, you don't have to be an experienced dancer or elite athlete in peak physical condition.


These exercises are designed to be challenging enough to work your body and build your confidence in your abilities so that the next level is always within reach.



Our Classes



Barre is a technically focused form of exercise inspired by elements of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. Most of the class is done at a ballet barre, however the class can take you on and off the mat. Known to give the body long and lean 'dancers' limbs, Barre is a full body, muscle endurance workout that focuses on high repetitions of small, precise movements to strengthen and tone, as well as improve agility and flexibility. We guarantee our Barre classes will leave your muscles burning!


Other Options



1 on 1 Session - 45 min
Phone 3391 3306 to book

Our one-on-one barre sessions at our Brisbane studio, help you to build your confidence through the techniques that formed the bases of barre pilates. Our experienced trainers show you how to centre your energy on different muscle groups for an intensely satisfying workout.

It can take a few classes to get into the groove of your workout because of the intense and rapid movement. However, with a one-on-one session, you get to learn the barre class routines at your own pace, so you're ready for what comes next.



Perfect base pilates environment

There is so much space in our Brisbane studio so you can stretch out to get into your groove. Our classes are small enough so you won't get left behind even if you are a beginner and our friendly trainers will give you all the support you need to get through the high-energy routines.


Our studio is bright with a mixture of natural light and cool lighting to keep your energy up, and your focus on your full body workout. The open, ventilated studio gives you all the energy of a fresh-air environment with that outdoor feel.

Get inspired

Pilates 26's studio is not only about providing you with the best physical environment for your barre pilates workout, but our friendly, experienced trainers also help to build a comfortable environment to test your fitness levels at your own pace.

Our experience barre pilates trainers can help you to develop a routine that feels like a dance class but helps you to lose body weight and reshape those areas you want to sculpt. 

Your fitness routine is designed not to be punished, but to give you a deeper understanding of your body's motion, and movement, and helps you to realise your potential.


Have a question about Pilates? We may have answered it below.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm ready to go. How do I get started?
    Simply go to our Prices page, select a Membership type and complete the purchase. If this is your first time to our studio, we recommend either a casual class or our Trial Pack. Alternatively, you can jump straight in and purchase any of our membership options if you prefer. Once you have purchased a casual class, trial, pack or membership, you will receive an email with download and login details for the Gymmaster App. You can then book classes from the Timetable page of our website or directly within the Gymmaster App. If you have any difficulty purchasing or booking, please phone us and we will help get you started.
  • What if I have no experience?
    Our friendly instructors will guide you through your class, make you feel welcome and help you go from zero to hero in no time. We are very conscious of providing a non-intimidating environment. We even offer a specific beginners class once per week (check our timetable for details) which is only open to first time attendees. If you can make it to one of these classes, it's the best place to start for beginners. However, if this class time doesn't suit you, then don't worry. Our instructors will help all first timers in whichever class you can make it to.
  • What if I have Injuries?
    As long as you let our instructor know at the beginning of the class, they will modify the session to suit your individual requirements. Just because one part of you might be 'under repair' doesn't mean the rest of you shouldn't get a workout.
  • What is the parking like?
    There is plenty of street parking around the studio.
  • How far in advance can I book classes?
    Our booking window allows you to book up to 7 days (1 week) in advance provided you have an active membership or class pack.
  • What is the class cancellation policy?
    Because we have limited space in our classes, if you need to cancel, we ask you do so as early as possible. This way, another member of our valued community can take the spot. Our cancellation window is 8 hours. A cancellation within 8 hours of the class or not attending the class is considered a 'No Show' and a fee applies. This is necessary to ensure people on the waitlist have time to be notified they have been added to a class. Particularly for morning classes. We do understand that things happen, so if you have to cancel within this window and there are extenuating circumstances, please send an email to admin (the at symbol) and we will consider waiving the late cancellation on a case by case basis.
  • Can I have a permanent booking for a particular class?
    Our booking window allows you to book up to 7 days in advance provided you have a payment option available. We want every member to have an equal opportunity to book into classes with a reasonable degree of certainty that they can attend. Therefore, 7 days is a reasonable timeframe to be able to book ahead. Often, classes are fully booked ahead of time. However, you definitely should add yourself to the waitlist as there can be many cancellations ahead of the scheduled class time as people's plans change.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    Socks, towel and a water bottle are key items to bring to class. For hygiene and safety reasons, we have implemented a no socks, no workout policy. If you forget your socks, you will be able to purchase grip socks in the studio for $10. Please also bring your smile – we really want you to enjoy your time with us!
  • Can I do multiple classes in one day?
    Absolutely – if there is space in the class and if you have a payment option available, you can book into multiple classes in one day. However, as pilates is a form of resistance training, it is ideal to give your body time to repair and recover after each session – this is how the body gets stronger. And maybe that is a sign to our instructors to push you a little bit harder in class so that you don’t have any energy left after the first one!
  • What if I am running late to class?
    Our doors are locked at the scheduled class time for your safety and for the comfort and enjoyment of other class members. We start the class with a warm up to ensure your body is ready for the challenge of the class. Arriving after this time and jumping straight into challenging moves can put you at risk of injury. It is also quite disruptive for the rest of the class to have someone walking through the class and setting up their equipment after the class has started. In exceptional circumstances you can ring the Pilates 26 doorbell once and the instructor will let you in when a suitable moment is available. Please only ring the doorbell once and only ring the Pilates 26 doorbell. There are residents on site who will be disturbed if you ring any other doorbell.
  • Is there an age limit for attending reformer classes?
    We believe that Reformer Pilates is for everybody! However, there are some limitations that will prevent you obtaining the best possible experience from the class. For children/teenagers, it’s not so much age but height that will create an issue. Being too small for the reformer will prevent many exercises being performed safely and effectively. Similarly, limited mobility and severely restricted range of movement may adversely affect a person’s ability to participate effectively in a group class environment. In this instance, we may be able to assist in a one-on-one session. We are primarily a studio for adults, however, if your young adult is mature enough, we recommend they get involved in our Mat Pilates sessions first.
  • I have a fortnightly membership – can I put this on hold?
    Absolutely – we can put a fortnightly membership option on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks. Please send an email to admin (the at symbol) clearly specifying the dates you wish to put your payment on hold and we will action that for you.
  • What happens on public holidays?
    Some significant holidays (like Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day) we are closed but on other public holidays we run a slightly cut down schedule of classes.
  • What makes us different?
    At Pilates 26, there are no pre-recorded sessions. Our instructors are long term industry professionals who customise each workout to suit the clients booked in. Are you carrying an injury? We'll provide an alternative move. Just getting back into exercise? We'll modify your workload to suit. All this in a judgement free environment where every body and everybody is welcome.
  • I've got more questions that weren't answered here.
    We'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to us via good old fashioned phone call (often the fastest way to get an answer), email or Facebook message. Unfortunately, we no longer accept messages by Carrier Pigeon, Telegram or Fax.

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