Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I'm ready to go. How do I get started?


Simply go to our Prices page, select a Membership type and complete the purchase. If this is your first time to our studio, we recommend either a casual class or our 10 Day Unlimited Trial. Alternatively, you can jump straight in and purchase any of our membership options if you prefer. Once you have activated a membership, you can book by either going to our Book Now page and selecting a class or downloading the Mindbody App, search for Pilates 26 and book through the app.

2.  What if I have no experience?


Our friendly instructors will guide you through your class, make you feel welcome and help you go from zero to hero in no time. We are very conscious of providing a non-intimidating environment. Click on the About Us link to meet our instructors.

3.  What if I have Injuries?

As long as you let our instructor know at the beginning of the class, they will modify the session to suit your individual requirements. Just because one part of you might be 'under repair' doesn't mean the rest of you shouldn't get a workout.

4.  What is the parking like?

There is plenty of street parking around the studio – make sure you factor in time to grab a coffee at our coffee shop after your class!

5.  How far in advance can I book classes?

Our booking window allows you to book up to 28 days (4 weeks) in advance provided you have an active membership or class pack. 

6.  What is the class cancellation policy?

Because we have limited space in our classes, if you need to cancel, we ask you do so as early as possible.  This way, another member of our valued community can take the spot.  Our cancellation window is 10 hours. A cancellation within 10 hours of the class is considered a late cancellation and a session will be deducted as if you attended the class.  This is necessary to ensure people on the waitlist have time to be notified they have been added to a class. Particularly for morning classes. We do understand that things happen, so if you have to cancel within this window and there are extenuating circumstances, please send an email to admin (the at symbol) and we will consider waiving the late cancellation on a case by case basis. 

7.  Can I have a permanent booking for a particular class?

Our booking window allows you to book up to 28 days in advance provided you have a payment option available.  We are unable to open this window up further in order to avoid unpaid bookings.  Chasing our valued community for payment is an unpleasant conversation for both parties that we are really keen to avoid. Therefore, 28 days is a reasonable timeframe to be able to book ahead.

8.  What do I need to bring to class?

Socks, towel and a water bottle are key items to bring to class.  For hygiene and safety reason, we have implemented a no socks, no workout policy.  If you forget your socks, you will be able to purchase grip socks in the studio for $10.  Please also bring your smile – we really want you to enjoy your time with us!


9.  Can I do multiple classes in one day?

Absolutely – if there is space in the class and if you have a payment option available, you can book into multiple classes in one day.  However, as reformer pilates is a form of resistance training, it is ideal to give your body time to repair and recover after each session – this is how the body gets stronger.  And maybe that is a sign to our instructors to push you a little bit harder in class so that you don’t have any energy left after the first one!


10.  What if I am running late to class?

We have a 10 minute lock out policy for your safety and for the comfort and enjoyment of other class members.  We start the class with a warm up to ensure your body is ready for the challenge of the class, arriving after this time and jumping straight into challenging moves can put you at risk of injury.  It is also quite disruptive for the rest of the class to have someone walking through the reformers and setting up their equipment after the class has started.  For evening classes, our front doors are locked 10 minutes after the start of class for the safety and security of all.


11.  Is there an age limit for attending reformer classes?

We believe that Reformer Pilates is for everybody!  However, there are some limitations that will prevent you obtaining the best possible experience from the class.  For children/teenagers, it’s not so much age but height that will create an issue.  Being too small for the reformer will prevent many exercises being performed safely and effectively.  Similarly, limited mobility and severely restricted range of movement may adversely affect a person’s ability to participate effectively in a group class environment.  In this instance, we may be able to assist in a one-on-one session.


12.  I have a fortnightly membership – can I put this on hold?

Absolutely – we can put a fortnightly membership option on hold for a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks.  Please send an email to admin (the at symbol) clearly specifying the dates you wish to put your payment on hold and we will action that for you.

13.  What happens on public holidays?

Some significant holidays (like Good Friday, Anzac Day and Christmas Day) we are closed but on other public holidays we run a morning schedule of classes. You can have a workout, get energised and then enjoy family time, friends time or me time for the rest of the day.

14.  What makes us different?

At Pilates 26, there are no pre-recorded sessions. Our instructors are long term industry professionals who customise each workout to suit the clients booked in. Are you carrying an injury? We'll provide an alternative move. Just getting back into exercise? We'll modify your workload to suit. All this in a judgement free environment where every body and everybody is welcome.

15.  I've got more questions that weren't answered here.

We'd love to hear from you. You can reach out to us via good old fashioned phone call (often the fastest way to get an answer), email or Facebook message. Unfortunately, we no longer accept messages by Carrier Pigeon, Telegram or Fax.

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