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East Brisbane Pilates

East Brisbane's most comprehensive Pilates

Interested in undertaking a new Pilates class? Pilates 26 provides an extensive range of Pilates classes in East Brisbane.


Located within the renovated, former Mowbray town Church Hall, we offer an inviting environment with a warm atmosphere. With so many variations of classes available, our studio is suitable for all ages and levels of experience, from beginners through to experienced enthusiasts.


At Pilates 26, we aim to offer the highest quality of Pilates instruction. Our experienced instructors focus on safe and effective teaching techniques, with each class tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere, and encourage members to challenge themselves while having fun at the same time.


Purchase our Trial Pack to experience the Pilates 26 difference, and see why we provide Pilates that East Brisbane residents love.

Pilates Classes We Offer

Our Pilates East Brisbane classes have something for everyone. From beginner sessions to more difficult classes, our timetable covers many different formats for varying skill levels.

Introductory Reformer

Perfect for those who are just beginning their journey into Pilates or new to the Reformer, these classes teach the fundamentals and foundations of Pilates. This class is made exclusively for those on a two week trial pass.


Total Reformer

The Total Reformer class is great for all fitness levels and capabilities. The level of intensity is varied, allowing you to choose what feels best for you. This class is ideal for toning, lengthening and strengthening your body while also improving functional movement.


Stretch Reformer

Designed as a chill class to help slow you down and stretch you out, our Stretch Reformer sessions have a calm flow that's designed to help lengthen and refine tight muscles. Ideal for those after total body and mind connection and calm.


Strength Reformer

This high intensity Pilates workout is created as a dynamic class for those that love to be active. In this class, we aim to get your heart rate up with plenty of cardio and HIIT work. The Strength Reformer class is recommended for those at intermediate to advanced levels.

Jumpboard Reformer

The Jumpboard Reformer class is a non weight-bearing cardio workout to challenge your strength and agility. Fantastic for working the legs and core and for getting your heart pumping. This class is not recommended for those that are past the 16th week of their pregnancy.


Triple A Reformer

Triple A stands for abs, arms, and a... (bum). Built to target these specific areas, this class is made for those looking to have a bit of fun while toning up. Triple A Reformer Pilates is suitable for all skill levels.


Pre and Postnatal

Designed to help you and your baby move safely through the different stages of both pregnancy and postpartum recovery. In this class we'll cover steps to strengthen your body in preparation for birth, then help you gently tone and reshape your body after pregnancy.


Mixing elements of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet, Barre is a technically-focused form of exercise for those after a full body, endurance workout. Our Barre classes are designed to improve flexibility and agility while also toning the body.


Mat Stretch

A fantastic class for those that wish to calm the body and mind while releasing tension from tired muscles. This Mat Stretch class will take you through a number of purposeful moves.



Pilates performed on the mat. This session will challenge multiple muscles in the body for a high intensity workout. Each class is different, but regardless of the specifics covered, it's designed as a full body workout to help you strengthen, lengthen and tone.

Private 1 on 1 Sessions

Along with group classes, we also offer 1 on 1 sessions for those interested in having our undivided attention for their session. These private classes provide an opportunity for privacy in a highly-personalised training environment.

Our experienced instructors will work with you to create an individualised plan that meets your fitness goals and abilities. Call us on (07) 3391 3306 to book your 45-minute 1 on 1 Pilates session today.


As a family-owned small business, we understand the importance of providing fantastic service and building genuine, long-lasting relationships with each of our clients. We aim to make you excited to exercise, rather than seeing it as a chore.

Pilates 26 is a judgement-free space, where everyone is welcome, no matter their training level or experience. Our mission is to assist you on your fitness journey, and help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.

Contact us today to find out more about the East Brisbane Pilates classes we offer.


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Pilates 26 is passionate about providing a safe, welcoming studio for Pilates East Brisbane. From beginner sessions to advanced classes and private 1 on 1 sessions, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

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