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Mums & Bubs Pilates Classes

Keeping You & Your Little One's Healthy & Happy

Pilates 26's Mums & Bubs programs can help increase body awareness and strength in the prenatal and postnatal periods.

We welcome pre-natal clients at any stage, and post-natal clients 6-weeks after birth.


Mums & Bubs Reformer Classes

At Pilates 26, we have a range of postnatal and prenatal sessions for new mums and mums-to-be!

No matter where you’re at with your pregnancy or little one’s life, join our supportive community of mums. Our reformer pilates classes cater to beginners looking to get into pilates, and those looking for something more advanced to stay active and healthy.

Whether you're looking to prepare for birth, or fasten your post-natal recovery, let us help you get stronger and more confident.


Get started with our $49 5-class pack today!

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The benefits of prenatal and postnatal reformer Pilates

Pilates during pregnancy and after birth can help increase body awareness and strength in...

Stomach muscles

Core strength is so integral to a pregnancy. Abdominal strength is required when carrying a baby, and can assist in reducing the likelihood of common pregnancy related injuries such as abdominal separation (diastatis recti),Pilates can help develop a strong core, in turn improving posture.


Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is one of the most important, but subtle and often most neglected body parts. Pilates makes sure to gently work the pelvic floor with pregnancy friendly exercises. Building awareness of and connecting your pelvic floor can make all the difference during your pregnancy and after birth.


Lower Back

Even before pregnancy, tight muscles and lower back issues are common among women spending the majority of their day seated. Carrying your baby to term, and post-partum can

worsen this, if not paired with low impact exercise to strengthen the back and its supporting muscles. Creating a strong and mobile back and spine can bring you more comfort at all stages of your pregnancy.



The largest muscle group of the body, we need strong legs to keep us standing, especially as you carry a baby in your belly. Building strength and muscle in our glutes, hamstrings and quads through pilates can make movement and day-to-day life easier during and after your pregnancy.

Mental Health

Take time out in your busy day to focus on yourself. For the duration of our one-hour classes, we make sure you can focus on yourself to create body awareness through your breathing and movement. As you work your entire body, you'll engage in endorphin pumping action that'll leave you calm and stress free at the end of the session.


Social Bonds/Sense of Community

Our prenatal and postnatal classes are the perfect opportunity to meet other local mums. Our clients say having a space to share your experience and learn new things from others that have gone through pregnancy and parenthood as mothers is a healing experience. Gain a sense of community, from a collective of strong women just like you!



Reformer Classes

Reformer mums and bubs classes help new mums and mums to be get back into exercise to support their own physical and mental health, as well as the health of their little ones.

The reformer is the main equipment we use in our classes. It is a traditional pieces of pilates equipment - essentially a bed with springs, a sliding carriage and straps for you to pull with your arms and legs. It may sound overwhelming, but it's the perfect exercise partner for strong and mobile bodies!



Each prenatal class at Pilates 26 is designed with your pregnancy in mind.

Our sessions strengthen your body to help you prepare for birth. Key focus points during prenatal classes are strength and mobility. Each class is programmed with modifications to make the exercises suitable for you and your little one.

You can join a Pilates 26 prenatal class at any point in your pregnancy.


Postpartum, we know to take extra care of your body.

Our reformer pilates sessions will assist you in a smooth recovery, working to tone & reshape your body following your pregnancy. Our trainers will ensure you feel comfortable at all stages, and can recommend variations if an exercise is causing discomfort or is too extreme. We encourage mums to bring their bubs along, until crawling age.

We recommend Postnatal classes are only taken 6 weeks after birth.



The Pilates 26 Difference


Your pregnancy and body are unique to you.

That’s why at Pilates 26, you won’t find pre-recorded sessions.

Each one of our Pilates classes is directed and taught in person, under the guidance of our qualified instructors. We don't teach using videos, because we know you deserve to have a Pilates experience tailored to your needs.

Our qualified instructors are specifically trained in Pilates for pregnancy, and have extensive experience in training women at the prenatal and postnatal stages of their pregnancy and motherhood journey.

Each class is carefully developed with a sequence of pregnancy safe modifications and variations of Pilates movements to reduce the strain on your body, whilst working everything from your arms & shoulders to your legs.

The slow and effortless movements of Pilates will leave you feeling strong and confident. You’ll come out of our mums & bubs classes feeling the burn, but refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Are you ready to start?


A Package For Everyone

Ready to start Pilates? Pilates 26 has you covered with our classes!
No matter where you are in your Pilates or pregnancy journey, we'll have a package that's right

for you.


Unlimited Pilates


Can’t get enough of moving your body the Pilates way? For our Pilates lovers looking to take unlimited prenatal and postnatal classes, this is our best value package.

Trial Pass

$49 for 5 Classes

Just looking for a taste? Jumping studios? Our $49 trial pass lets you try out 5 of our most popular classes, including our mums and bubs exercise classes. Try us and see the Pilates difference with Pilates 26, and why our clients love our classes.


Pre & Postnatal Class Pack

$270 for 10 classes

For those that want to take classes at their own pace, our pre & postnatal class pack gives them the flexibility to plan their training schedule around their life. Access prenatal classes, postnatal classes or both to support your body and your baby every step along your pregnancy and motherhood. Pre & postnatal class packs are valid for 6 months.

Please Note That Bookings Are Essential For All Classes.

We recommend Postnatal classes are only taken 6 weeks after birth.

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